Whether from a brilliant flash of inspiration passionately scribbled onto a napkin, or from a CAD drawing. Made of tubular, sheet metal , or billet, we have the proven expertise to make your project or product from initial design through to prototyping and to full production.


CNC lathe 2 axis 12 Tool Turret         CNC Lathe, 4 axis twin turret 24 tool twin spindles with live tooling and 4-axis.

    CNC VMC 4 axis mill



Mastercam , Easycam, Solid works.            

   If it fits in the machines,we can most likely make your part.     

General Machine Shop:


Toolroom lathe and Bridgeport style mill.

General/Production Welding and Assembly:


Tigs, Migs, Fluxer, Aluminium, S/SMagnesium,Titanium       

IF, it can be welded or brazed, we have the technology.

Sheet Metal:


Bending, shearing, rolling, English wheel

Tube Bending:



Mandrel  bending, tube rolling and good     old school sand bending.                            

Plate Punching and Forming:


Piranha p-3,  50 Ton iron worker.